Google Ads marketing

Google Ads marketing

Flexibly created, Google Ads marketing is our most popular service. Policies adapt to the needs of most advertisers. We’ve been helping hundreds of companies grow their businesses with Google Ads marketing since 2006. With us, you’ll gain access to an approach developed through experience and proven results, where guesswork and uncertainty are replaced by predictable results.

We use the Google Ads platform to market our customers in a variety of ways. We run campaigns using the following Google campaign types:

  • Google Search Ads – Search keyword advertising
  • Google Display Ads banner advertising
  • Google Video Ads video advertising
  • Google Shopping product advertising
  • Google App Ads app advertising
  • Performance Max combination advertising

The secret to long-term success in Google Ads marketing is business-driven planning, regular metrics-driven development and success evaluation. At every stage, we build on the playbook we have developed over the years to guarantee our clients constantly improving results.

How to get started

We start the cooperation by finding out the goals of your business and your desire for the content of the cooperation. If you wish, you can influence how close you wish the cooperation to be. We will develop an advertising plan for your Google Ads marketing, which will include your objectives, the specifics of your business, your competitive landscape and your current marketing situation.

The work under the advertising plan will be carried out in your company’s advertising account, which we will transfer to our own main account. If your company does not yet have a Google Ads account, we will open one on your behalf.

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