Familiarity Intrigues

Marketing and sales is mostly based on the familiarity and how well customers know a company and its services. People have a natural instinct to stick with the familiar stuff, they prefer those that they know in order to prevent facing the risks of disapointment in new supplier or service provider etc. People tend to do purchase decision based on how well they know the company providing the purchased goods.

Display advertising includes banner, text and video adverts, and remarketing on the pre-set websites based on target audiences’ preferences. With display advertising you are able to increase the awareness of your products and services. With targeted content you are able to increase the awereness of your company and brand in a cost-efficient way.

How Do We Do It?

We plan a succesful campaign and marketing channel mix according to your goals and target audience. We report on the campaign results on regular basis and optimise your campaign according to the results. In addition to that, we can design banners and text adverts for you or use your own material.

Benefits to Your Company

Top of mind! In other words you will get awareness and stay in top of mind of your customers. As people see your advertising repeatedly, they will remember you and you will end up on their purhase decision short list. You can also create awareness on websites that have similiar products or services to yours and where your target audience visits. You can also advert to people who have shown intrest on your products but are still lacking the final purhcase decision.

Our Expertise

Our professionals make sure that the message of your company will remain in top of mind and you reach your goals. We will target your adverts in correct marketing channels and to the audience who is interested in your products and services. We follow up regularly digital marketing trends in order to be able to use the latest tools and services.

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