Do You Know Your Audience?

There are approx. 2 milion daily Facebook users in Finland. In Instagram there are 800 000 – 1 million Finnish users and in LinkedIn approx. 800 000. In other words, your target audience is already in social media. Are you there, too? People spend daily hours on social media. Your company has multiple opportunities to reach people who are interested in your products and services. Do you want to market to food lovers or to sports fans? Is your goal to get more followers or visitors to your website? Do you need help with content creation?

Enthusiastic fan group of a succesfull sports team co-lives and supports its team in games and as well during off- season. This is something companies should strive for. A committed fan base works as a marketer and an advertiser.

How Do We Do It?

Our mission is to do systematic, strategic and long-term marketing instead of doing single campaigns. When planning marketing activities, we always take into consideration the big picture, seasons, trends and changes that they affect on. We plan the campaigns to walk hand in hand with your other marketing activities in different marketing channels. We always plan carefully campaign targeting, messages and visual identity in co-operation with our clients. We report on results and optimise campaigns on a regular basis in order to make sure to reach the set goals efficiently.

Benefits to Your Company

You are able to strengthen the cohesion of your customer base and to reach your target audience cost-efficiently. Based on your goals, you will acquire more followers on your channels, more visitors to your website and create awareness of your company, products and services.

As your fans and followers are committed to your company, they talk about you on their own channels and therefore become your marketers and do the job for you. Marketing to your own followers doesn’t cost anything. The more followers you are able generate trough other advertising activities, the better.

Our Expertise

We have years of experience on social media marketing on different channels for different companies and industries. Therefore we have a lot of knowledge on different audiences and industries. We have executed succesfully Facebook campaigns for Carmex and Hunajayhtymä just to name a few. Social media channels evolve and new channels are created in a fast pace. We follow daily this process and we are able to recommend the best tools and channels for your needs and goals.

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