Jani Sorsa

I’m operations, media and marketing professional from Finland with 16 years of experience in the media, IT technology, and transportation field. The past six years of my work experience is concentrated on knowledge and learning management, with exposure to online purchasing, technical assistance, and inventory control/supply chain maintenance. In addition, I’ve been a media production entrepreneur for international productions for eight years. I’m a goal-oriented achiever who thinks big and takes complete ownership. I own excellent communication skills, which ensures my active contribution to a team. I’m a professional who fulfills the targets, always. Moreover, I’m capable to work remotely and lead a team with high responsibility.

While working for over eight years with media I gained a great understanding of sales and marketing. The multicultural office environment and various specialist roles has advanced my strong set of skills that includes for example; Leadership and Decision Making, Project Management and People skills as well as Client reporting.

My current music production can be found from: https://site.spinnup.com/crestunes. I’ve produced, write, record, mix, and master the content by myself.