Programmatic advertising

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Programmatic advertising

The best targeted online visibility

Programmatic advertising – AdForm

Target to the right audience

AdForm platform connects advertisers, target audience and media. The most important online medias are already part of AdForm platform. It is very effective tool for digital marketers because it’s potential in targeting to specified audiences.

It is simple

The simplest way to start advertising is to establish AdForm account, choose the target audience and create the adverts. Succesfull advertiser combines analytical tools to his/hers campaigns in order to maximise the results and campaign optimisation.

It is effective

Purchasing the media from the wide and qualitative network is very fast. As an advertiser you don’t need to contact all different medias but you’ll get the best alternatives from one place.

It’s targeted and personalised

With AdForm campaign you are able to target for example to people who have visited your website and according to their interests. You will be able to reach the right people and don’t force your services to those who are not interested in them.

How do we do it

Our processes are totally transparent. We will report on results and media budgets transparently. Our mission is to deliver more business by creating succeful and carefully planned programmatic advertising campaigns.